The SRS International Corporation was founded in 1983 and was incorporated in 1992 as SRS International Coproration in the District of Columbia. In 1995, the company reorganized into two separate operating divisions: the SRS International Corporation Specialty Products Group , and the SRS International Corporation Health Care Group.

 Specialty Products Group 
Today, SRS International Corporation's Specialty Products Group serves clients with its extensive experience in worldwide product development, testing, safety and risk assessment, and various regulatory services.

 Health Care Group 
After four years of teaming with the commercial clinical trials operation of the Research Triangle Institute (1990-1994), SRS International Corporation took over this operation from RTI and, in 1995, formed SRS International Health Care Group, LLC (SRS HCG).  Today, SRS HCG boasts extensive experience in recombinant protein drugs for HIV, dermatologicals, pharmacodynamic studies of cannaboids, miscellaneous devices and diagnostics among other services.


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