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SRS International Corporation provides a complete range of services in the health and environmental safety sciences and in regulatory affairs to support client's counsel in litigation, administrative hearings, public hearings, legislative hearings, and actions before regulatory agencies.

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SRS International Corporation is unmatched in experience, quality, and plain know-how. Of special importance, SRS combines both intensive/extensive regulatory and policy experience with internationally recognized scientific experience. Thus, the full panoply of regulatory, policy, and scientific considerations so critical to dealing with today's complex legislative, regulatory, and tort climate are fully integrated in SRS' operations. Simply speaking, there is nothing lost in the translation from science to policy. SRS' principals are highly skilled and experienced at accurately communicating complex, technical, regulatory, or policy issues to non-specialist audiences in understandable language. SRS services for litigation and hearing support include both expert witness work and technical support including:

green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Toxicological and chemical evaluations
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Exposure assessments and risk assessments
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Identification of expert witnesses
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Development of evidence via chemical and biological analyses and studies
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Preparation of materials for bringing counsel up to speed on technical issues and preparation of technical materials for briefs
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Evaluation of technical merits of claims and causation and causation analysis
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Analysis of deposition and trial expert testimony
green bullet.gif (1027 bytes) Preparation of chronologies of what was the state of the art when and what was known when by whom.
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